Sun 19 August 2018 - 14:22

2018 Asian Games

Dr.Hakemi; we are ready to present our services in the venue of tournament


Dr.Hakemi, vice-president of women in sports Medicine Federation of Iran, at the coordination meeting of the teams in Palembang announced sports Medicine staff is ready to present simultaneous services in the well-found clinic of SMFI in athlete village in Jakarta & also during the tournaments.

Based on the news agency of SMFI, members of supervision staff and head coaches of Iranian National teams in Palembang, one of cities for organizing the Asian Games came together & in this meeting Dr.Hakemi & Dr.Farhad Moradi Shahpar, chairman of Education Committee of SMFI explained about sports Medicine programs for Iran expeditionary teams.

Dr.Hakemi stated; at the moment the clinic of sports medicine federation completely equipped & a set of specialists is ready to provide day to day services to Iranian athletes so, in this regard there is no worry.

She added; on the other hand, each of Iranian teams needs to be accompanied by medical staff, it is ready to be present at the venue of tournament.

Vice-president of women of SMFI explained, the necessary visits to the medical facilities of the host country have been made & if necessary, the facilities can be used by the medical staff.

However, we have made the necessary predictions in our own clinic.


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