President message

Dr.Gh. Norouzi SMFI, Supporter of Sports championship & public health

Thanks God that another time as a serving of sport community I could do my job in sports medicine family. Considerable responsibility that was impossible for me that except for the God’s favor & the companionship of all the sports medicine principles as it was not conceivable for the past

So, as always with God’s faith, as much as I can try in order to promote the name of sport of Iran and the name of the Islamic system in this position. I‘ll never leave myself from the collective wisdom of experts in this field, health scientists and sports pioneers and I’ll go with all power on the way to making decisions & implementing the principles of the programs.

Execution of supreme leader’s orders & movement within the framework of policies of popular government, administrative discipline-financial, purposeful educational planning, fundamental struggle with doping & making culture in order to prevent the spread of drugs & prohibited substances at the community, development of sports medicine substances in different parts of the country, exact notification, mutual interaction with whole sports boards & federations, benefit from Educational-therapeutic scientific capacity of university system & health of the country & qualification of specialized services of sports medicine federation that from the beginning of taking responsibility the presidency of SMFI so, I have put them in my work plan & can go along with the great purpose of SMFI which is supporter of sports championships & public health.

We ask exalted God helped my colleagues & me on the way to improving sports medicine & increasing success.


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