Mon 9 July 2018 - 10:35

Clean & healthy team on the way to the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games

Dr. Gholamreza Nourozi, president of Sports Medicine Federation of Iran, said at a news conference; “clean and healthy team would be send to 2018 Asian Games”.

غلامرضا نوروزی

Based on Iran Sports Medicine Analysis Agency, Dr.Nourouzi at a news conference at the site of the national Olympic committee added’ all our efforts are for this Iran national team to be healthy in this regard, for whole athletes we made medical records & monitoring them if one of them have been injured the relevant federation will be able to replace another athlete.

He continued; whole medical records would be maintained until the 2020 Olympic & SMFI is ready to examine the expedited journalists.

Dr. Nourozi, reminded; we have provided anti-doping advice also we have corresponded & send our experts to sports federation in order to announce list of prohibited substances.

He said regarding sampling of athletes; , during the Asian games after definitive settlement of athletes & announcing number of rooms, the Doping Control Officers begins sampling. They would be tested athletes without prior notice and randomistically at the restaurant, out of competitions or in competitions.

Dr. Nourozi reffering to the federation’s special look at woman’s sport said; two Mrs. Doctor and two Mrs. Physiotherapist would be send to this games. Some of sports federation will have a medical team with them such as Taekwondo, weightlifting, wrestling and soccer .the number of our medical teams has increased over the previous year and we want to give more services to the athletes.


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